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What you can see this?  Talk to a shrink!
doodle for St George's Day

Cappuccino buddy. Was a volunteer, author, web dabbler. Doodler. Ex-author, bad speller. Trained in drama to be a complete fop. Mentally drifting. I like silliness. Somehow working - helping nervous people on computers ("project worker in voluntary sector")
Erm. Seem to use the word "erm" a lot.

EDIT: Recently I led a computer project for mental health service-users / people recovering from mental health problems - it was exciting, like a therapeutic distraction, cyber-cafe; but local government funding and tendering means that the computer project was eventually shut down. At least I still work in a mental health social drop-in (in the East Midlands, UK). I'd still rather have more time to doodle, though, but I'd rather keep a job at the moment than become an unemployed member of the post-apocalyptic Mad Max recession (or so the news wants us to believe - chaos!). No, wait ... I think I want to live in a post-apocalyptic society - strap on those leathers and fight for the petrol reserves!

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This Live Journal also houses scans from the 1969 Barbarella comic strip and other graphic novel nonsense.